What is Augmented Reality? Business Benefits and Applications

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

  • Augmented reality or AR is an interactive experience of a real world environment combined with an artificial world produced by computers.

  • Augmented Reality is used in Sales & Retail, building mockups, and engineering.

  • Immersiva Learning can help to implement Augmented Reality Training for your company.

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Augmented reality or AR is an interactive experience of a real world environment combined with an artificial world produced by computers. It’s like having a digital layer on the physical world.

Currently the most popular display of AR is from a mobile phone or tablet. For example you can point your phone or tablet towards a table, or an object that has been marked by an AR marker, such as a picture, or a certain pattern.

Mobile or tablet will include three-dimensional objects such as buildings, animals, or cartoon characters combined with the object you are pointing to. Another way to present Augmented Reality is by using Augmented Reality Goggle which is also known as mixed Reality.

Most Popular form of AR is the Pokemon Go game, which as of March 2019 has a cumulative 1 billion install and 55 million downloads in 2019.

Pokemon Go App

Use Cases of Augmented Reality in Training

  • Sales & Retail Training: AR can add digital information overlay on top of the physical world. Information including the name of the product, price, description, ingredients, and expiry date. New employees can scan all products with their mobile phone and understand the product information in an instance. In the store, customers did not have to ask the store employee for any information while browsing the product to shop.

Sales & Retail Illustration.

  • Factory plan and building mockup : Building detailed architectural mockups for buildings and factories is very expensive. With Augmented Reality, we can use our mobile phone to scan a table or any 3D object, and a 3D model will appear on the screen. We can inspect the location, see all elements of the building, including all piping and electricity. We can also see how the building use of energy and how the building responds to the sunlight all day long.

Apple Park Building Mockup Illustration.

  • Engineering : With Augmented Reality, we can see any machine and see through the inner mechanisms, overlaying instructions on how to fix specific problems in step by step manner. We can build the machine as a 3D cardboard model, which will tremendously save the cost of the training.

"X-ray vision" Machine Illustration.

Showcase of Mixed Reality using Microsoft Hololens.

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